Circuit Room


Gym Equipment

Around the perimeter of the room are 12 pieces of strength training equipment, alternating between upper body, abdominal and leg equipment. In the centre there is a bank of steps, stretching the length of the room.


How it operates

There are a series of 6 lights at either end of the area. Each lights up for 20 seconds, one after the other, i.e. it takes one minute to complete the sequence. There is a 30 second interval between the end of a light sequence and the beginning of the next to allow for change over.

The process is as follows


One minute exercising on a piece of equipment 30 seconds rest to change equipment.

One minute exercising on a step
30 seconds rest to change equipment

A Full Circuit

This two and a half minute process is repeated for all twelve pieces of equipment. A full circuit takes 30 minutes because you do 12 pieces of equipment and 12 steps = 24 minutes. You change in between all of these (24 changes) = 6 minutes.



This system has the double advantage of providing a full body workout in 30 minutes, and ensuring that there is no waiting time for chosen equipment to become available.


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